July 2014 Issue

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Banks look at expanding digital branch footprint

The increase in online transactions had prompted banks to give customers more options to transact via online platforms such as social media. Now, lenders are taking the digital route a step further and are focusing on digital branches to cater to the more technologically advanced customers.

These digital branches are not only convenient for the consumers but are also helpful for the banks.

"We think "smart branches" are the way to go in the future. Smart branches provide tremendous advantages in terms of costs, productivity and efficiency. We are also looking at converting more of our existing branches into the smart branch format and looking at opening new smart branches," explained   Citi India spokesperson.

Banks have been positioning these branches generally in high footfall areas such as malls. Both State Bank of India and Citibank have opened such digital banks in malls.

These branches enable customers to carry on banking transactions via the digital medium-such as interactive walls and table displays-with less human interactions. However, the branches at the moment are not un-manned and have employees to help customers in case the need arises.

ICICI Bank, India’s largest private sector bank, has already taken the number of its branches to 101 in the last one year. The bank says that they have witnessed huge surge in transactions via such branches.

"Transactions at Touch Banking branches have doubled in the last few months to over 2 million. Around a lakh new customers transact at these branches every month and 20% of them use the services after regular banking hours and on Sundays and public holidays," said an ICICI Bank spokesperson.

Source: Business Standard

Westpac’s customers demand better mobile banking options

The Australian bank Westpac announced recently that the majority of its customers want their mobile banking options to be on par with what can be done on a desktop. Westpac conducted a survey of 820 of its customers, and found that 75 percent of those interviewed want what the bank has reportedly promised – a “device agnostic” program.

According to an article by the New Zealand online news source interest.co.nz, Westpac expects to roll out its new mobile banking platform ...

Dubai Islamic Bank's "Smart Bank" set to redefine customer service

Dubai Islamic Bank aims to have the “Smart Bank” concept built into the customer experience across its entire client base, individual or institutional. This novel and innovative idea is an extension of DIB’s Customer First programme built around customer centricity and focus. “Fully aligned with Dubai’s long term ambitions, we are committed to transforming the banking service industry through an extensive and innovative use of technology leading to a completely new ...

Mobility Adoption – Pervasive growth: Employees to Customers

With the ever increasing mobile adoption rate for tablets and smartphones, mobile devices are playing an increasingly important role in financial services.

To help you keep up-to-date with the rise in consumer and employee adoption of mobile and its impact on mobile banking services, we created an infographic. It highlights facts on how enterprise mobility affects the productivity of the employees and why is it is imperative for banks to be aggressive ...

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