Clari5 Churn & Defaults Management

Early warning system for customer attrition and defaults

Top Challenges of Banks
 Potential customer attrition goes unnoticed though the customer sends out enough number of signals before abandoning a bank

 An NPA could have been prevented if detected early

 Customer attrition could have been prevented, if the bank was able to engage with the customer in advance

 Defaults may have been prevented if just in time customer counseling was done


 Monitors in real-time changes to the demographic parameters of customers (e.g. home loan portfolio, large deposit/relationship holders, customer servicing other banks products etc.)

 Early detection - Identifies out of pattern events in advance and alerts

 Similar approach used for customer churn, attrition etc.

Key Benefits

 Reduce NPA

 Reduce attrition – retaining existing customer is far easier than getting a new customer

 Improve cross-sell and customer's share of wallet at very low acquisition costs