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Agile Fraud Management Systems for Banks:Need of the day 0

Agile Fraud Management Systems for Banks:Need of the day

Many a times the fraudsters are sophisticated and the fraud patterns are emerging. Are you going to handle all such exceptions case by case? How are you going to plan your IT investments with lot of uncertainties around? How about having a solution that provides you tools to replicate any kind of fraud scenario that you can think of on the fly, construct barriers to the fraud immediately, deploy them and integrate them as a part of core banking system without much effort, extra IT investment and any significant trade off with performance. If only a bank can achieve this level of agility, it can not only be a technology pioneer but also save itself from the potential reputational loss. This blog post is an attempt to outline an illustrative scenario to highlight the necessity of agile fraud management systems for banks. Read on..

Bank Compliance and Cost!

Bank Compliance and Cost!

Who expected that one terrorist attack will bring in a humongous change in the way financial institutions were functioning. Even in the past, financial institutions have been accused of being used as a medium for anti-social activities; however, this attack in particular changed many things. It was found that the September 11, 2001 hijackers used U.S. and foreign financial institutions to hold, move, and retrieve their money....