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Introducing Paperless Branch Banking! 0

Introducing Paperless Branch Banking!

Introducing Paperless Branch Banking! Paperless branch banking lets your branches go green by replacing the usage of paper with the use of tablets. Imagine a bank where the customer walks up to a teller counter and the entire transaction happens over two screens – one at the customer end and the other at the tellers end and transactions are carried across screens and not on paper!

Do you really need Customer Service? Think Again! 0

Do you really need Customer Service? Think Again!

t doesn’t really take a genius to figure out that the entire banking industry is shifting from its traditional channel of branch based banking to newer channels like online, mobile etc. With 1 in every 4 internet users accessing banking online, customer experience is undergoing a dramatic paradigm shift. The entire thought process on how to approach customer experience management now needs to incorporate the fact that that alternate channels of banking are becoming the new primary banking channels. Banks which are aware of this shift will be able to continually delight their customers.

How ‘not’ to delight customers – A Customer Experience Faux-Pas

How ‘not’ to delight customers – A Customer Experience Faux-Pas

With every bank going that extra-mile to improve customer experience, sometimes efforts are made without a proper understanding of what the customer really wants. It is impossible to know everything about a customer, but the bank should be receptive to all the information that can be extracted from the transaction behavior of a customer or even from the conversations (verbal/non-verbal) between them. The banks that are most proactive in getting such information capturing systems and processes in place would be the ones leading the race. Try and cross the barriers to understanding a customer, and positive customer experience will automatically follow suit!