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Mobility Adoption – Pervasive growth: Employees to Customers

Mobility Adoption – Pervasive growth: Employees to Customers

To help you keep up-to-date with the rise in consumer and employee adoption of mobile and its impact on mobile banking services, we created an infographic. It highlights facts on how enterprise mobility affects the productivity of the employees and why is it is imperative for banks to be aggressive adopt innovative mobile apps that not only appeals to the customers but also makes employees’ lives easier.

Introducing Paperless Branch Banking! 0

Introducing Paperless Branch Banking!

Introducing Paperless Branch Banking! Paperless branch banking lets your branches go green by replacing the usage of paper with the use of tablets. Imagine a bank where the customer walks up to a teller counter and the entire transaction happens over two screens – one at the customer end and the other at the tellers end and transactions are carried across screens and not on paper!