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Cross Channel Banking Technology – A Threat or Asset?

Cross Channel Banking Technology – A Threat or Asset?

Banking dates back to 2000BC. Until late 20th century, banking was all about accepting deposits and lending money. Safety, Trust and Relationship are the three pillars in banking. Decades passed and the facade of banking too changed a lot. Branch of a bank was the only channel till 3 decades ago through which customers used to transact with a bank. No customers were allowed to transact with...

Taking Customer Engagement Offline 0

Taking Customer Engagement Offline

The thing with every silver lining is that it has a cloud attached to it. In the last few decades, banks have taken giant strides in the use of automation. The electronic channel became – and possibly still is – the poster child of banking technology. Starting with the ATM, banks have used online channels, including the Kiosk, Internet and Mobile to revolutionize banking operations, service delivery...