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The World of Cyber Crime: A Quick Sketch

The world of cybercrime is immense. Knowing your enemy is half battle won. Banks have been baffled and ravaged by perpetrators of Cybercrime. This infographic provides a quick peek into the world of cybercrime and helps bankers understand what needs to be done to protect themselves from these ravagers.

What is a SWIFT Code

SWIFT Codes Under Attack: How Safe Are Banks?

Gone are the days when ski-masked felons would barge into banks with guns cocked and order everyone to get down. With the internet becoming ubiquitous and as banks and technology have evolved, so has financial crime. The modern scarfaces operate from the comfort of an undetectable pad half way across the world. They are high IQ, tech-savvy and their only weapons are their brains and their gadgets....

Clari5 – fighting the forces of evil.

Episode 1: Malafide Intentions​

Our new series of thrillers – produced and directed by CustomerXPs and Banking Technology – narrate the tales of the fight between the forces of good (the Clari5 analytics and anti-fraud software) and the forces of evil. Based on real events and guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat! The alert flashes on the dark screen. His cat nap is disturbed by the “on/off” flashing on the monitor which causes his...