Introducing Paperless Branch Banking!

Have you ever wondered what sets apart leading banks from its competition? It is their ability to constantly innovate and enhance customer experience across banking channels thereby making that transition from customer satisfaction to customer delight!

Today we bring such an innovation in front of you – Paperless Branch Banking!

With the advent of technology, banks need to go green and reduce the usage of paper in as many channels of banking as possible. Paperless branch banking lets your branches go green by replacing the usage of paper with the use of tablets. Imagine a bank where the customer walks up to a teller counter and the entire transaction happens over two screens – one at the customer end and the other at the tellers end and transactions are carried across screens and not on paper!

The infographic below explains what the concept is and how it can benefit your business



Paperless Branch Banking














































- By  CustomerXPs

CustomerXPs offers real-time, intelligent products that empower banks with instant insights enabling influenced outcomes of deeper customer engagement and fraud-free transactions.

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