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Cybercrime increased by 300% compared to last year

Cybercrime in India has increased by 300% since 2013 as the research by indicates. Cybercrime in India has been on rise for last couple of years. According to Mumbai police hacking, phishing and Nigerian fraud have risen to 36 in 2014 until October since 2014 from 9 registered in October 2013. 136 cases of cyber offences were registered in 2013 October compared to 418 in 2014...

Simplifying Banking Engagement

Simplifying Banking Engagement!

Simplifying Banking Engagement and Empowering your Customers Rapid change in the banking technology and the behavior of customers pushes banks to be on par with the industry. Gone are the days where everything was complex starting from standing in the queue, filling the form, money transfer, etc. Customers are now searching / looking for those products and companies that can simplify their lives. Simplicity is mutually beneficial...


Banking Customer Experience in Middle East

Banking Customer Experience in Middle East The growing importance of customer experience has taken over the banking industry by storm. A recent report published by E&Y details out latest trends in customer experience from around the globe and suggests that banks should aggressively leverage valuable insights from customer behavior to effectively chart out their customer experience strategy. The infographic below throws light on banking customer experience in Middle East and...