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Cross-channel Fraud

Combating Cross-channel Fraud

Combating Cross-channel Fraud  Banks throughout the world are recognizing that fraud has become sophisticated and more and more pervasive. Potential projected global fraud losses related to occupational fraud are estimated to be more than $3.5 trillion. While direct losses due to fraud are startling, the actual loss incurred is much higher in terms of loss of productivity, loss of customer confidence and attrition, notwithstanding losses due to fraud that goes undetected....


Fraud Landscape In Africa – The Pervasiveness of Online Fraud

Fraud Landscape in Africa Financial Fraud has perpetrated the banking industry in big way. As more people use the Internet for their banking needs, the number of fraudsters eyeing online financial transactions has also multiplied. In Africa particularly , online fraud has proved to be one of the most pervasive forms of financial fraud and is hugely impacting the fraud landscape.  This infographic below details out the fraud...

Indian banking Fraud

Changing the Indian Banking Fraud Landscape with Real-time Fraud Prevention Technology

Banking fraud is a $3.5 Trillion global menace. Indian Banking Fraud number instances have increased considerably over the past few years. This surge in banking fraud has not only resulted in banks losing millions but also sustaining irreparable reputational damage. With such attacks becoming more frequent, RBI has mandated banks to comply with recommended measures to secure the technology infrastructure and improve fraud risk management practices for frauds...