Author: Tulika Sarkhel

Crosschannale-fraud-White paper

Redefining starfish banks with use cases

Cross channel scams are the most pervasive form of frauds perpetrated against bank customers. Fraudsters target customer accounts by a number of access points- branches, ATM, cards, online banking or wire transfers. With multiple channels leading to multiple access points, installing adequate combat mechanisms takes a backseat, thus expanding the attack surface. Consumers have been steadily using mobile phones, cards and Internet banking, mainly relying on good...

Cross-channel Fraud

Combating Cross-channel Fraud

Combating Cross-channel Fraud  Banks throughout the world are recognizing that fraud has become sophisticated and more and more pervasive. Potential projected global fraud losses related to occupational fraud are estimated to be more than $3.5 trillion. While direct losses due to fraud are startling, the actual loss incurred is much higher in terms of loss of productivity, loss of customer confidence and attrition, notwithstanding losses due to fraud that goes undetected....

Secret Sauce for Fighting Financial Crime

CustomerXPs hosts “Secret Sauce for Fighting Financial Crime” in association with CISCO

“How can I make my bank safe and keep those fraudsters out?”, “What are the latest approaches to enterprise fraud management in banks?”, “How can I pro-actively & quickly be compliant to ever changing regulatory norms?”, “Can compliance to regulations & enterprise fraud management go hand-in-hand?” These are some common questions baffling bankers not just worldwide but especially in India, where the fraud scenario is pretty grim....