Author: Sheetal Sharma

Simplifying Banking Engagement

Simplifying Banking Engagement!

Simplifying Banking Engagement and Empowering your Customers Rapid change in the banking technology and the behavior of customers pushes banks to be on par with the industry. Gone are the days where everything was complex starting from standing in the queue, filling the form, money transfer, etc. Customers are now searching / looking for those products and companies that can simplify their lives. Simplicity is mutually beneficial...

Big Data in Banking 0

Increasing Importance of Big Data in Banking

Increasing Importance of Big Data in Banking: The phrase big data has become a buzz word. Everyone talks about it or has information in bits and pieces, but only few companies know how to utilize the same. Big data is characterized by the tremendous volumes, varieties and velocities of data, that are generated by a wide array of sources, customers, partners and regulators (IBM) Banking is among...

Social Media: Two Sides of a Coin

Social Media: Two Sides of a Coin

Social Media has penetrated every sector and banking is no exception. Banks are smartly utilizing social media tools to enhance brand value, drive revenues, develop customer relationship, and enhance customer experience, giving personal touch to the services offered, and promoting their offerings or products. To be successful in any business, it is important to know where your customers are, what their likes, dislikes and needs are. The...