Author: Karunakar Mohapatra

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Barbs of Banking Fraud – CustomerXPs Insights Blog

The barbs of banking fraud have drained the blood and soul of banks, disrupting the business process for a long time.  Banking fraud has been a menace that has evolved continuously from the inception of the concept of banks. UK is the leader of e-commerce in Europe. UK banks and merchants know how important the improvised fraud prevention strategy, and rules addressed to online and mobile fraud...

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Starfish Banks: – Road to nowhere

Starfish like ideology of the banks handling risks is no longer acceptable. Starfish Banks are no longer thought as the most important and profitable economic factors: they are more seen as potential danger to stability of the organization. As banking regulation is developing and in future it will be in a manner similar to other industries such as the chemicals industry. Banks will be no longer able...


Cybercrime increased by 300% compared to last year

Cybercrime in India has increased by 300% since 2013 as the research by indicates. Cybercrime in India has been on rise for last couple of years. According to Mumbai police hacking, phishing and Nigerian fraud have risen to 36 in 2014 until October since 2014 from 9 registered in October 2013. 136 cases of cyber offences were registered in 2013 October compared to 418 in 2014...