Clari5 Cross-channel Fraud Management

Cross-channel frauds pose the biggest threat to banks that use traditional silo based fraud management systems. To counter such frauds, a holistic view of the entire ecosystem is required that takes into consideration different entities and cross pollinates useful information in real-time across multiple products and channels.

Clari5 Cross-channel Fraud Management is a comprehensive solution that employs intelligent models based on neural networks artificial intelligence & advanced, time series & complex analytics to proactively combat cross-channel and cross-product fraud. Clari5 combats frauds across velocity, internal & threshold types.

  • Tracks Cross Channel and Cross Product patterns in real-time and cross pollinate the information for better decisions
  • Tracks not just the channel where the fraud terminates but also the originating channel to deliver holistic fraud monitoring
  • Provides comprehensive functionality with pre-packaged channel, products and geography specific scenarios
  • Powerful monitoring engine functioning in absolute real-time
  • Easy configuration of scenario parameters based on internal policies during deployment/run time using Clari5’s Scenario Authoring Tool (SAT)
Sample Scenario
  • Enhanced fraud management capability across multiple products & channels
  • Immensely reduced occurrences of "False Positives" through the implementation of Artificial Intelligence
  • Reduced cross-channel fraudulent events
  • Reduced reputational loss due to fraud
  • Enhanced customer advocacy & loyalty