Enterprise Financial Crime Management

Clari5 Enterprise Financial Crime Management is a real-time intelligent Big Data solution that combats sophisticated fraud with real-time, actionable insights. It monitors suspicious activities in real-time, and takes the right decision at the right time with advanced behaviour pattern analysis through Artificial Intelligence systems as opposed to end of day reporting and analysis. Clari5 EFCM is designed to meet the fraud detection, investigation, prevention, monitoring compliance and audit needs of banks.

  • Combats cross-channel/cross-product fraud across the bank like internal fraud, identity theft, account takeover, credit card fraud, CNP fraud etc.
  • Cross-pollinated intelligence in extreme real-time
  • Customer aware solution digesting all transactions, events and actions
  • Silo Breaker with actionable insights
  • Artificial Intelligence allows creation & evolution of new scenarios therefore allowing the system to be proactive rather than reactive
  • Out of the box integration with some of the most widely used core systems. Implemented successfully in Very Large Banks in India.
  • Implementation will be on-premise/SaaS deployment in a short time

  • Reduced financial & reputational loss
  • Reduced Sophisticated Fraud across channels
  • Reduced false positives
  • Lower operational costs
  • Regulatory Compliance