Customer Experience Management

Clari5 Customer Experience Management helps banks maintain personalized and contextual interactions with their customers in real-time through artificial intelligence systems that analyse behaviour patterns & profiles. Clari5 CEM learns from transactions, interactions, and responses to arrive at right conversation pointers, right messages and right sales opportunity.

It also helps the customer facing staff make intelligent and relevant conversations. It thus enables banks to proactively improve customer experiences across all channels of communication.

  • Delivers instant contextual intelligence across all banking channels
  • Powers every customer interaction of the bank with complete customer understanding
  • Derives customer insights from multiple backend systems digested in real-time
  • Empowers the bank employees to provide the best service to its customers over every interaction effectively
  • Increased revenue across channels through contextual cross-sell/up-sell
  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction & Net Promoter Score
  • Reduced Customer Turn-Around-Time (TAT)
  • Increased Employee Productivity
  • Clari5 Needs Analysis : Helps banks acquire new customers quickly through intelligent needs analysis
  • Clari5 Seeker : Leverages the bank’s own ATM channel to cherry pick competitor's customers.
  • Clari5 Right Sell : Offers contextual & efficient real-time recommendations to the customers across all channels.
  • Clari5 Direct Channel Booster : Offers dynamic recommendations to the customers across online and mobile channels in the form of advertisements and messages
  • Clari5 Branch Booster : Enables branch managers to unlock opportunities present in the branch and convert them into immediate sale
  • Clari5 Smart Teller : Empowers tellers with real-time intelligence before, during, after every customer interaction
  • Clari5 iRM : Equips relationship managers with real-time Intelligence across customer base.
  • Clari5 Paperless Branch Banking : Revolutionizes branch banking increasing teller efficiency as well as enhancing customer experience