Banking Solutions

Banking customers today are increasingly expecting more personalization, convenience, accessibility and reliability across channels. The growing sophistication in the banking system has led to increased sophistication in banking frauds which makes it imperative for banks to establish a strong combat mechanism to protect its customers from financial crime. There is thus a clear demand for banks to make their channel network more customer-centric, user friendly and fraud free.

Clari5™ suite of solutions from CustomerXPs are aimed at bridging this gap by helping banks analyze and interpret every transaction in real- time thus configuring their entire business around every individual account/customer. Constantly learning and inherently intelligent through the use of advanced Artificial Intelligence, the solution has a human-like comprehension that is distinctly tuned to deliver in real life situations. This bestows the bank with hitherto unavailable capability to prevent fraud, cross-sell/up-sell & enhance customer experience in absolute real-time.

Clari5 Enterprise Financial Crime Management is a real-time intelligent Big Data solution that combats sophisticated fraud with real-time, actionable insights.
Clari5 Customer Experience Management helps banks maintain personalized and contextual interactions with their customers in real-time.