Grow Revenue while Fighting Fraud.

Conventional banking fraud management systems don’t yield much ROI because they have a myopic, channel-centric approach to fighting financial crime and are unable to deliver holistic intelligence for contextual interventions.

Presenting Clari5 – the acclaimed real-time enterprise wide cross-channel fraud and AML management platform that pays for itself.

Combining the power of Artificial Intelligence, Real-time Decisions, Automation and Machine Learning, Clari5 synthesizes historical and real-time data across all your bank’s channels and delivers split-second contextual intelligence to detect and prevent fraud.

Bonus – Clari5 forks every transaction in real-time for its Anti-Fraud engine to run negative scenarios, while using the same computed memory to also simultaneously run positive scenarios for cross-sell and upsell. So your bank can also perform precise, instant, customized marketing promotions to your customers in real-time.

Connect with us to discover how Clari5 can help your bank grow revenue while fighting fraud.