Clari5 sMitch

Bank frauds can take place anytime, anywhere. While banks want to gear up with the best possible technology for fighting fraud like implementing a central nervous system that has in-built artificial intelligence capabilities, the role of the end-customer is highly undermined.

Clari5 sMitch is a customer-looped card fraud management solution that enables banks to combat fraud by empowering the end-customer. Clari5 sMitch comes in the form of a mobility solution that can easily be configured with the bank’s online/mobile banking system. The solution allows the end-customers to set their bank account rules based on their debit/credit card usage patterns and preferences across different banking channels. Clari5 sMitch thus dynamically protects the customer against frauds like skimming, account takeover & internal fraud by blocking the fraudster’s access to customer’s account via stolen card/credentials.

  • Enables customers to turn account transactions on/off across different channels through a single app
  • Allows customers to category–wise override default account settings
  • Spend rules can be set by customers through mobile or online banking
  • Enables customers to set their current country/currency for additional security
Sample Scenario
  • Reduced number of account & card based frauds
  • Enhanced user experience and advocacy owing to customer control over their accounts
  • Reduced reputational loss due to internal/external fraud