Clari5 iRM

Relationship managers have a very important role to play in branch banking. But often, the unavailability of real-time insights thwarts the performance of Relationship Managers (RMs) who aim to deliver rewarding customer experiences.

Clari5 iRM solution is a next generation mobility product that interprets customers’ structured or unstructured events in real-time through artificial intelligence and provides inferences that instantly empower RMs to provide more personalized services.

  • Customizable real-time dashboards generated for the Relationship Managers
  • Real-time messages on RM’s tablet for servicing HNIs
  • 360 degree customer view including personalized recommendations
  • Customer presence detection in real-time
Sample Scenario
  • Highly personalized RM interactions leading to enhanced customer experience
  • Higher cross-sales revenue
  • Round-the-clock customer interfacing
  • Improved sales acquisition time at lower costs