Clari5 Smart Teller

Since tellers are the first point-of-contact for the customers, the onus of providing delightful customer experience lies on the tellers.

Clari5 Smart Teller solution empowers tellers at bank branches with real-time insights. It helps tellers make intelligent conversations & thus increasing customer loyalty & improving branch sales.

  • Next-best-action feature that recommends Next Best Action for every customer in real time
  • Single screen view to assist the teller with all important tasks/events lined up for the day
  • Intelligent conversation pointers generated by the system in real-time including cross-sell opportunities and KYC
  • Availability of Chat feature to capture tacit information about the customers
Sample Scenario
  • Instant insights for customer interaction at branches
  • Improved teller efficiency
  • Reduced customer wait time at branches
  • Customized interactions leading to higher customer satisfaction
  • Increased cross-sell owing to intelligent pointers