Clari5 Real-time Transaction Monitoring

Core banking is one of the most important channels for banking since the bulk of high-value transactions pass through it. In spite of its vulnerability, most of the core-banking transactions are monitored post-facto that leaves enough room for fraudsters to get away with the fraud.

Clari5 Real-time Transaction Monitoring solution protects banks against core-banking frauds like customer, account and employee level frauds. It makes use of real-time Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Analytics to detect and stop/hold suspicious transactions as they happen in the core banking system.

  • Monitors financial and non-financial core-banking transactions with cross-pollinated intelligence gathered across all other channels
  • Provides real-time alerts on employee fraud such as unauthorized customer account access, repeated charge waivers to customers, high volume TOD issues etc.
  • Monitors all transaction and alerts the department concerned of any fraudulent pattern identified or of any potential fraud threat
  • Provides real-time alerts on account take-over fraud, threshold breach, money mule accounts etc.
  • Prevents suspicious transactions from taking place using Artificial Intelligence & Predictive Analytics
Sample Scenario
  • Armor against all core-banking frauds
  • Perpetual monitoring of financial & non-financial inquiries
  • Reduced reputational loss due to fraud
  • Help in regulatory compliance and auditing
  • Improved customer loyalty & advocacy