Clari5 Real-time Anti-money Laundering

Clari5 Real-time AML solution using the power of Artificial Intelligence & advanced analytics helps banks and financial institutions automate, streamline and comply with existing and emerging regulatory AML/CFT compliance programs. The solution suite comprises of 6 major modules viz. Suspicious Activity Monitoring, Customer Risk Categorization, Entity Identity Resolution/Watch List Filtering, Regulatory Reporting (CTR/STR/SAR/FATCA), Case Management and Entity Link Analysis.

  • Fully automated AML compliance program starting from customer on-boarding to ongoing relationship monitoring
  • Monitors suspicious money laundering activities in real-time and takes the right decision at the right time as opposed to end of day reporting and analysis
  • Compliance with regulators by timely filing of various regulatory reports including CTR, STR/SAR reports
  • Integrated reports and dashboards providing insights on the efficiency and effectiveness of the AML System
Sample Scenario
  • Real-time approach to monitor and detect suspicious money laundering transactions
  • Improved regulatory compliance and customer confidence
  • Quicker implementation owing to pre-packaged AML scenarios and built-in interfaces for integration
  • Low cost commodity hardware infrastructure leading to reduced TCO