Clari5 Payment Card Fraud Management

The surge in adoption of debit, credit & prepaid cards has paved the way for a whole level of convenience for consumers. At the same time, they are accompanied closely by high aspects of fraud and theft of funds corresponding to electronic transactions.

Clari5 Payment Card Fraud Management is a comprehensive solution that combats card fraud in real-time using the power of Artificial Intelligence & Real-time Decisions. It provides payment instrument issuer, payment processor or a merchant acquirer the necessary arsenal to monitor, detect and prevent all card frauds including Card-not-present (CNP).

  • Profiling customer behaviour based on multiple scenarios & behaviour patterns analysed through Clari5’s Artificial Intelligence & Big Data Analysis
  • Merchant/ POS/ Operator Behaviour Profiling
  • Real time fraud risk advice that allows, declines or challenges a transaction
  • Integrated Case Management for fraud analysts
  • Comprehensive Reporting & Business Intelligence
Sample Scenario
  • Immunity against third party & operator level frauds
  • Reduced reputational loss due to internal/external fraud
  • Better regulatory compliance & auditing
  • Increased customer loyalty and advocacy