Clari5 Paperless Branch Banking

There was a time when almost all banking happened through these branches. Now with changing times, banking also happens through internet, mobiles, tablets, ATMs on and call-centers. This has led to a classic dilemma for the banks- If there are more customers in the bank without the proportionate increase in revenue from these footfalls, it simply adds to the cost of running the branches. On the other hand, the empty branches will weigh heavily on the balance sheet.

Clari5 Paperless Branch Banking is an innovative solution that addresses the banking customers’ need for efficient and quick conduct of their transactions at branches. It involves implementing tablets at bank branches that are aimed at increasing teller efficiency as well as enhancing customer experience.

  • Installation & usage of tablets instead of teller machines
  • Intelligent mapping of customer to teller
  • Online token generation and connectivity to database for pre-filled information
  • Generation of E-vouchers for every banking transaction
Sample Scenario
  • Improved teller efficiency & productivity
  • Reduced customer wait time at branch queues
  • No filling up of forms
  • Enhanced customer experience due to "signature on tablet" factor