Clari5 Online Banking Fraud Prevention

The growing menace of frauds like account takeover and identity theft have posed big threat to the safety of online banking transactions. The importance of combating such frauds in real-time becomes even more important owing to the vulnerability of the channel involved. Implemented systems need to be able to use the power of Artificial Intelligence, Data Sciences & Real-time Decisions.

Clari5 Online Banking Fraud Management solution helps banks detect and prevent fraud before the online banking transaction is completed and take necessary action to prevent the damage. Clari5 can identify fraudulent activities across the bank by monitoring all online banking transactions including login, beneficiary registration and funds transfers. The solution provides foolproof combat mechanism against threats like identity theft, account takeover fraud and money mules.

  • Real-time fraud risk advice established on bank policies with the help of Decision Strategy Manager
  • Availability of pre-packaged scenarios that aid in the prohibition of account takeover, money mule and mandate fraud
  • Integrated advanced Case Management based on behavioral patterns detected by the Artificial Intelligence system
  • Integrated fraud risk reports & dashboards
  • Option to integrate with existing systems or use Clari5 for additional authentication
Sample Scenario
  • Instant detection of complex IB fraud schemes
  • Reduced fraud losses and quicker ROI with real-time fraud prevention
  • High performance with a sub-second response time for real-time risk advice
  • Improved customer confidence and loyalty
  • Reduced reputational loss due to fraud