Clari5 Needs Analysis

In this highly competitive banking environment, it has become imperative for banks to understand and map the needs of the customers correctly so that the ideal solution can be offered to them.

Clari5 Needs Analysis solution helps banks acquire new customers by providing real-time product recommendations based on specific goals of the customer. It helps bank employees make intelligent recommendations & thus map optimal products with every customer. It observes customer patterns that is analysed through artificial intelligence systems, to offer them personalized recommendations.

  • Financial Goal setting feature for capturing customer’s goals for specified timelines
  • Intelligent Needs Analysis along with Customer Conversation capability
  • Dynamic product recommendation in real-time
  • Ability to restart customer conversations at any point of time
  • Option of taking forward customer conversations on browsers, tablets as well as mobile phones
Sample Scenario
  • Reduced cost of customer acquisition
  • Faster needs analysis owing to optimal product fitment
  • Improved customer confidence and corporate reputation
  • Quick ramp-up for new tellers and higher productivity