Clari5 Employee Fraud Management Solution

The growing prevalence of internal fraud has mandated use of technology solutions to counter such instances like artificial intelligence, machine learning & real-time decision making abilities. The need of the hour is a comprehensive solution that scrutinizes suspicious employee behavior and immediately prevents fraud from taking place.

Clari5 Employee Fraud Management enables real-time prevention of employee or internal fraud. It enables the bank to systematically enforce a fraud-free culture while controlling and detecting access to critical customer information.

  • Early warning system to detect anomalous employee behavior
  • Preventive vigilance on employee activities
  • Monitors Employee, Office and Customer accounts for any repeated suspicious behavior
  • Integrates banking systems like Core banking systems, CRM and HRMS to identify anomalies
  • Integrated hierarchical case management for investigation and closures
Sample Scenario
  • Reduced insider fraud and fraudulent events
  • Reduced Monetary & Reputational Loss
  • Regulatory compliance & auditing