Clari5 Branch Booster

Branches are the costliest asset for banks. But banks are often unable to leverage customer interactions at branches due to insufficient tools that are not capable of providing recommendations in real-time, thus impacting branch sales & leaving customers dissatisfied.

Clari5 Branch Booster empowers the Branch Manager with real-time insights to help make intelligent conversations with the customers. It provides a real-time view of all the sales opportunities present within the branch at any given time and the ability to unlock those opportunities with the help of predictive analytics & artificial intelligence.

  • Customizable branch sales dashboard at any given time that provides 360 degree branch view
  • Teller efficiency monitoring
  • Real-time customer detection capability
  • Intelligent messages in real-time for contextual cross-sell/up-sell
Sample Scenario
  • Instant insights for customer conversations at branches
  • Higher revenue owing to contextual cross-sales/up-sales
  • Improved branch staff productivity
  • Enhanced customer experience